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What can you expect from this online livestock auction software? Take a look and find out which features help you sell online.

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Take a look at our features

Our auction software is one of the best on the market. The developing organization WeAuction is market leader worldwide. With over 10 years of experience and a turnover of 1,5 billion dollar on the software platform, they know exactly how you can create your ultimate online auction.

Live streaming

  • Real time live streaming, with no latency.

  • High quality broadcasting

  • Over 10.000 participants online at the same time

  • Easy to use — you can hang a camera in your auction room or even in a stable

Auction possibilities 

  • Set up any auction model you like, for example; online auction in a live room, timed auctions or pre-bidding;

  • It is possible to set up mass auctions, to sell bigger groups of livestock;

  • The auction is displayed in your corporate identity;

  • The platform supports multiple languages.


  • All the collected data is secure and owned by you;

  • There is a secure registration and verification process for bidders;

  • All bidders are screened in advance;

  • The software platform is GDPR compliant. 

Other features

  • The possibility to connect with your own systems through an API;

  • Inventory management;

  • Deposit management.

And this is just a tip of the iceberg. Are you curious about all the features and if they fit your needs? 

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UPCOMING NEW FEATURE: Farmers Market (May 2021)

Sell your livestock inventory for a longer period of time through the Farmers Market feature. Bidders can place private bids, the seller receives a notification and can accept, decline or do a counterbid. You can combine this model with all other auction models that are offered.