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About Farmersbid.com

Farmersbid is an initiative of Clipmyhorse​.tv and WeAuction. They combined their strengths to create a greater range and opportunities for livestock auction houses and people who want to buy livestock.

With years of experience in live and online animal auctions, the two organizations are a perfect fit for livestock entrepreneurs who are looking for transparent online auctions possibilities.

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Benefits for auction houses and bidders

Clipmyhorse is mainly known for their horse broadcasting platform. An enormous success in over 24 countries. Auctions are inextricably linked to the horse market. And Clipmyhorse​.tv reaches both auction houses and bidders.
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In 2020 they decided to combine their strengths with WeAuction, market leader in online auctioning software. Their online auction software already has a turnover of 1.5 billion dollar. 

Together they have set up the ultimate online auction model that benefits both auction houses and bidders.

Livestock auctions

With amazing results in 2020 (with a turnover of over 35 million) they were approached by auction houses who are focussing on horses and other livestock.
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Because Clipmyhorse​.TV and WeAuction already have everything in place to set up online auctions, they decided to start Farmersbid​.com, with which they offer the possibility to auction livestock online and reach a broad audience.

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Easy setup online

The big difference between Farmersbid​.com and other online auction software or organizations, is the possibility to set up your own livestock auction online without any hassle.
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The software is developed in a way where any auction house can set up an online auction in its own branding and profit from a secure online auction platform. It is as easy as hanging up the camera in the stable.

In addition, the software is extremely secure, fully adapted to auctioning live animals, easy to use and offers multiple auction models. 

Clipmyhorse is well known for broadcasting online auctions, so they know exactly how to help auction houses and make sure bidders are bidding. 

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Reaching a relevant audience

Farmersbid focuses on collaboration when it comes to reaching the livestock market. They are always looking for partners who can help accomplish that mission. 
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For example; Farmersbid partnered up with GenHotel to organise auctions. With this partner qualitative auctions can be organised and a relevant audience can participate in the livestock auctions. That same audience can also be interested in other auctions. And vice versa. 

Auction houses can now focus on organising the best online auctions and Farmersbid takes care of the rest. 

Interested to become a partner? Get in touch!

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More information about online livestock auctions, bidding and organising an auction you can find on this website. Go to our FAQ for more information
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More information about online livestock auctions, bidding and organising an auction you can find on this website.

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